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    the objective is to be one of the largest cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors in the Bay Area. It is a leading cannabis products company built around a differentiated brand portfolio with superior wholesale value, enabled by core strengths that leverage a wholesale-driven business model. Amenta leverages a strong management team with cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution experience, and advanced research techniques. Amenta is focused on first mover advantage and developing the lowest cost production of highest quality cannabis products through its competitive advantage rooted in economies of scale, innovative technology, and IP.

    Market Leading Brand Position.


    In California, Amenta seeks to achieve a 20%-30% market share distributing to medical marijuana dispensaries only and is leveraging its market-leading presence to extend its brands into California with a strategic partner, Island Inc. (“ISL”). Working practices in cultivation, extraction, refining, marketing, and sales, it is expected to help support Amenta and ISL capture at least 20% market share in the Bay Area. Amenta anticipates that this will generate greater revenues for Amenta and ISL from their strategic relationship.


    Differentiated Brand Portfolio.


    Over the past year, Amenta has transitioned from vertical integration to a value-added manufacturing business model with a focus on its core competencies in cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution. This change in its business model aligns Amenta behind the need for greater agility and responsiveness. By leveraging a model where the Company produces it’s own material, manufactures and distributes its products. In addition, Amenta will secure Hemp material through supply contracts, thus creating a differentiated brand portfolio with superior consumer value.


    Expert Management and Best Practices from the InformationTechnology Industry.


    The Amenta Systems, et al, CEO is Sabir Al-Mansur, who spent more than 25+ years as a Consultant, assisting some of the world’s largest Fortune 50 and 100 companies. As the cannabis industry matures, the branding of cannabis products is adopting many of the innovative strategies applied in the information technology industry.


    Large Market Opportunity


    Medical and Recreational Marijuana. The legal marijuana industry in the Bay Area and California is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Industry size was estimated at $4.6 billion in 2014, to $5.4 billion in 2015 and exceeding $10 billion by 2018.


    Medical Cannabis Solutions Grounded in Science & Research.


    Science is essential for innovation in the industry and Amenta is developing technology to more efficiently cultivate cannabis and will continue to create an innovative intellectual property on genes and varieties.

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